B I A T H L O N – live and realistic with IQ-Laser-BIATHLON!

Experience the most exciting winter sport from TV & at the Olympics

everywhere – anytime – for everyone

B I A T H L O N – now experience & feel it, live and authentical

Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle with an  IQ-Laser-Biathlon-rifle

The IQ laser shooting technology has been in daily use worldwide since 2010 – in the modern pentathlon! It is completely eye safe and harmless; verifiable and transparent.

BIATHLON / Shooting … you can do that too

Learn to aim, focus, concentrate and coordinate your body in a completely new way with lots of fun and excitement.

rent, buy or participate in events / seminars

Based on the IQ-Sport philosophy and over 42 Jahren Sports experience!

All IQ-Sport laser-sports equipment is completely hazardous free, safe and environmentally friendly – but let the fascination of biathlon and sport shooting to 95% realistic experience.

… a promotion campaign with “purple cows

The developer / producer of the IQ-Sport system and the IQ-shooting technology is directly addressable for you. The Klaus Kremer – vita / achievements can be found here