city marketing

  • THE exclusive event highlight for spring, summer, autumn and Oktoberfest celebrations, city anniversaries, Christmas markets, etc …
  • Ideal also next to / near city attractions.
  • Indoor and Outdoor possible on just 60-80 sqm (5×12-16m). A unique experience combined with sports, fun and competitions for everyone, young and old.
  • “cross country SKIng”  +  IQ-Laser-Shooting*   =  HITting!   (We offer “ski erg” and “thorax trainer” as cross-country ski simulators, but of course we can incorporate any other sports activity you want or other sports equipment) The IQ sports equipment is 100% authentic & realistic competitive sports equipment that only replace the projectile (the bullet) with a harmless laser signal.
  • Whether in singles, duels or in the relay, feel like the German Olympic biathlon heroes and gold medal winners of Pyongyang 2018, Laura Dahlmeier or Arnd Peiffer for a day and take home a nice memory.
typical IQ-Biathlon range setup on a spring break festival

What makes our offer so extraordinary? **

Our competent, friendly employees, trained by international experts, prepare every interested person optimally for the use of the sports equipment and thus enable everyone to experience the exciting, fascinating and personally motivating element of self-motivation to result in improvement shot after shot!

Each participant will be individually instructed, supported and motivated by the IQ System Developer & Shooting Sport / Olympic Professional, Klaus Kremer (Link to the interactive Vita of the sport shooter, since 1974)We are happy to deepen the mere “briefing” and give you and your participants / customers an insight and and a worldwide unique mix of experience (5 participations in the Olympic Games), sports, background know-how and lots of fun within an IQ-Sport-Seminar.

Furthermore, we also offer a factually and athletically sound and anything but stereotyped moderation. We also cooperate directly with various Olympic champions (Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle, Frank Peter Roetsch, Katerina and Matthew Emmons) as well as World and European champions Germany and worldwide. These, and on request many others, are also available to you, if necessary!

Professional photographers who capture the emotions at the perfect moment complete (and enrich) our team and offer for you.

Advertising space for individual sponsors is available and / or available to you.

Get in touch with us directly via email and vote with us your preferred date, please ask your questions, or bring your suggestions on the subject. (Link to the contact email: Timo Schwarzenbart)


* IQ-shooting technology is 100% non-hazardous, eye-safe and environmentally friendly, as well as Original Olympic Sports equipment! 

(No children’s toys or invisible but partially eye-threatening infrared technology, but at any time visualizable, easily measurable and authentic Olympic precision by means of visible IQ laser signal)

** Entry level – OFFER:  IQ-Event –  book now from 999,- € /  day in the Basic version

( 2 sports equipment & 2 targets, 1 supervisor, for 5 hours, if necessary, logistics (travel costs), from distances over 100 km from Cologne)