events: basic requirements

IQ-Laserbiathlon events:

What is needed?

  • a flat surface
  • basic version: 50sqm (4x12m)
  • individual version: approx. 60-80sqm (5×12-16m)
  • 1-3 free parking nearby, depending on staff effort
  • electricity

What is the procedure?

  • approximately 2 hours before the event starts, we build up the biathlon arena, adjust the IQ laser sports rifles to the available distance and test the targets, as well as the ski simulators
  • During the event, we will show those interested in our sports equipment and the various types of standing or laying positions (how to balance / balance a sports equipment optimally) and give good tips for an optimal result
  • after about 15 test shots each participant is prepared for the competition
  • usually (professional) photos are taken of the participants and perfect moments of joy are captured. This option requires the wish and consent of the organizers & participants
  • named participants registration with best time
  • unlimited participation (free of charge) possible – as long as strength is available
  • after the event the winner will be announced
  • winner prizes (with sponsorship integration) can be arranged. We can provide a very effective leg-muscle-training device (Legmaster) through the cooperation with the inventor / producer as disclosure (30, – € / device)


Which competitions do we offer?

  • single (alone against the clock)
  • duel (for two against each other and the clock)
  • team relays (suitable for 4 persons per team, with timekeeping)
  • “celebrity” duel – against our “shooting star”
    In individual or duel competitions, an explanation is provided to ensure more fairness during the duels.

It is also possible to combine other sports – instead of our ski simulators – with our event, such as inline skating, cycling, scooter, swimming, running, etc …

for this we may need more space and a closed / prepared track.