concept & fields of usage


  • why, why, why?
  • why (does IQ-Laserbiathlon exist)?
    • Biathlon (combination of cross-country skiing and 50m small caliber shooting) is the most popular winter sport on TV – but can be practiced only on special shooting ranges due to the used small caliber shooting technique with self-loading “semi-automatic” rifles. (see The consequence of this is, that many people who want to try and experience the sport for once, have no chance to do so, as they would have to travel very far.

  • why (can IQ-Laserbiathlon change that)?
    • through our IQ Sport Laser Shooting Technology, we have created the basis for the completely harmless, environmentally friendly and safe use of shooting technique, almost everywhere and at any time. (Background philosophy: IQ laser shooting (link to
  • why (should I try out necessarily the IQ-Laserbiathlon / IQ-Sport)?
    • we are 100% dedicated sports fans and want to transport and make accessible the fun and enjoyment of the sport to everyone, as well as we want to demonstrate the extraordinary benefits for the individual and how it can increase the quality of life.
      • possible applications
        • Events / events on various levels / private / public
        • Sports discipline
        • power coordination
        • personal / individual further- & education of essential character and essence characteristics / increase of own IQ
        • coordination / fitness training